Two great competitions, for gourmet enthusiasts and hotel school students

Enhancing the products of Italian provinces

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Celebrating the Panino, the centrepiece of the Italian gastronomic tradition

The competition, open to all lovers of Italian cuisine, with a special focus on students from hotel management schools, aims to celebrate the diversity and depth of our country's gastronomic tradition.
Each participant will be invited to prepare a sandwich according to the canons of an Italian region of his or her choice, with a view to enhancing its typical specialities. By filling out a form, you will receive a list of selected (recommended) products to begin the creative process, which will remain free, entrusted to the mastery of each participant.

The 20 winners, in addition to winning shopping vouchers to spend in our exclusive e-commerce shop (a scholarship is up for grabs for the hotel school students), will be invited to reproduce their recipe during the event The Food Routewhich will be held from 8 to 16 May 2021 at The Mall, in the heart of the city of Milan.

All the good things in life fit perfectly into a sandwich
Italian Sandwiches

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